My haircare routine

Hi friends,

In this post I want to share my hair care routine and the products I use.

The following is the list of products:
1. I use four different kinds of “shampoo + conditioner”
a) For Dandruff
b) For deep cleansing
c) For dry hair (although I don’t have dry hair)
d) Mild shampoo.
2. Serum
3. Lotion to seal the split ends (not frequently)
4. Light hair oil

Whenever I oil my hair, first I wash it with deep cleansing shampoo. After washing it off, I wash it with other shampoo. Squeeze excess water from hair, and then apply conditioner (condition is must after every shampoo). I apply conditioner 10-15 cms away from root to tip. Applying conditioner on root makes the scalp itchy, be careful!

After hair is towel dried, I apply ‘repair rescue sealed ends’ at the ends of my hair. I bought this product two months back, when I was suffering from split ends problem. Though I don’t the problem now, I will continue to use it till it lasts, because it is an amazing product.

And then apply serum on my hair making sure I am not rubbing on the scalp 😉

Finally, when my hair is dried, I apply a light oil on it, just to give it an extra shine and nice fragrance.
Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.49.32 pm

Once or twice a month, I do hair spa at home. Currently I am using “Berina Hair Spa” and “Matrix mask”.
Spa cream

Not every shampoo suits every hair type, so you need to try and find out the correct shampoo brand that best suits your hair type. Not only hair products, but the climatic conditions and hardness of the water and nutrition also affect the quality of hair. So, it is not necessary that a product which works for me would work for you too. I hope in this post you learnt the types of shampoo you can use. Stay healthy and be beautiful. I will see you next time.

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