My favourite products

Today’s post is about some of the products which I love and my recent purchases.

I purchased the following products about a month ago, currently using them, and am loving it.

My favourite

I like wearing peach colored blush on my cheeks as it looks more natural.


Loreal blush

Blush peach

I don’t use the brush come with the pack. I use small kabuki brush for applying blush on my cheeks 🙂

Loreal peach blush

I am not a lipstick girl but I like wearing tinted lip balm and lip gloss. This Nivea lip balm is my current favourite.


For extra color to my lips I apply a light layer of lip liner on my lips and then lip balm.


pink lipliner

For my eyebrows I use MAC eyeshadow which is dark brown and has a matte finish. In my opinion eyebrow power looks more natural than eyebrow pencil.

This small angle brush is from Forever 21.

Mac brow powderMac brun powderMac brow powder brun

Loreal polish

One of my favourite nail polish brush. This brush has curve on its tip, which makes it very easy to apply polish on your nail.

Loreal nail polish

Press powder

Faces powder

I am in love with this body butter. This smell so good. I mostly apply this on my hand, elbow and feet after taking bath and before going to bed. For body I use separate moisturizer.

Body butter

Few days back I purchased tea tree face wash, tea tree body wash, tea tree toner and tea tree face mask. As my last post was about tea tree oil that I started using a few months back and I liked it so much, so I decided to try other tea tree products from body shop. Since it’s been only a few days, I can’t give my review on it now. I will try to give after a month.

Body shop tea tree products

Stay healthy and be beautiful. I will see you next time 🙂 Bye!





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