How to make darker shade foundation to lighter shade


We often buy face foundation which is darker than our skin tone. This is a very common mistake we make especially those who are new to makeup. And most of the time we cannot return or exchange the product. So what we do, either give it to someone or keep it with us till the product gets expired.

I am one of them, I bought three foundations (expensive ones) on different occasions, which were darker than my skin tone. I regretted how can I make such mistake again and again and that too with trying tester in the shop 🙁 Lightening is different in shop than in natural light.

Anyway, today I have a solution to make darker shade lighter. How? It’s very simple.

Mix your foundation with your sunscreen cream/moisturizer or even simple moisturizer will work.

You need to try the quantity of foundation and moisturizer to meet your desired shade. Here I’ll show your mine. 🙂

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