How to get rid of split ends permanently

Hi friends,

If you are tired of your split ends, I have a great solution for you, which worked for me. Your problem will definitely be solved in a month’s time

Trimming off the ends is not the only solution for your hair because trimming only helps you to cut off the ends, but if your hair is not healthy, then it will appear again. So, you also have to take good care of your hair.

Split ends

So lets start!

If you suffer from very severe split end problem, first thing is to trim off the split ends as much as you can.

Apply oil on your hair every time you wash your hair, at least one hour before washing. Do it for one month and you will see really good results.

Don’t apply oil only when you are to do hair spa at home. Make sure to use serum on your clean hair too.

To prevent split end to appear: Make it a habit to take good care of your hair for keeping your hair healthy. Oiling once/twice a week and hair spa once a month.

Extra Point: In case you have used any hot tools on your hair, make sure to oil your hair before washing it.

In my next blog I will share what and how I do to keep my hair healthy and the products I use. 🙂

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