How to choose the best hair straightener for your hair!

We often get confused which straightener we should buy for ourselves or most of the time we just buy random iron by thinking all straightening are the same and does the same thing.


Today different flat irons of different brands and different price range are available in the market. In this post I am going to help you choose the best flat iron for your hair type.

Hair Type

Since we all have different hair type and texture, the first thing is to know your hair texture.

Coarser the hair, the more temperature you need to straighten it. Choose a flat iron which has the temperature ranges between 200°C – 230°C.

For finer hair texture you need temperature between 150°C – 180°C. There are higher chances of burning your hair if you exceed the temperature than the temperature  that your hair need to get straightened.

It is preferable to use straightener that has temperature setting in it, as we know our hairline hairs are finer than other part of the head. So  use low temperature near  hairline hair than rest of the hair.

You might have heard that using heated flat iron on your hair would damage your hair, however, with proper usage and care, you can avoid any significant damage.

To know how I straighten my hair, please wait till my next blog post. 🙂


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