How I straighten my hair

Tools needed for hair straightening

  1. Flat Iron
  2. Heat protecting spray
  3. Comb
  4. Some hair clips


I have long wavy hair.

I always use heat-protecting spray on my hair and spread it evenly using paddle brush/comb.

Detangle hair completely.

Section hair into four parts:
First front and back i.e, ear to ear, above the hair whorl.
Next, divide back part into two parts vertically.
Then, for the front side, I divide from my parting.
I start straightening from the back side.
I start with the temperature 160 – 180°C for my hair near hairline and maintain temperature of 200 – 210°C for rest of my hair. This does take time but helps to have less damage hair. I have been straightening my hair for years now and still have damage free hair.
I have Remington pearl S9500, which is the most wonderful flat iron I ever had.
Most important thing, I always do deep oiling of my hair and keep it for 1–2 hours before I wash my hair after straightening and this work wonders.

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