How clean pillow cover helps to prevent acne to some extent

Hello friends,

Today I want to share a very important thing that most of us never care.
Ok, its about our pillow cover. How often you change your pillow cover?


Do you ever realized that oil, dust, dirt etc on our hair get stuck on the pillow cover when we sleep on it and all those dirt come in contact with our face.
No matter how clean you wash your face at night but if your pillow cover is not clean then there is high chance to get infection.

So here I am sharing what I do.

Mostly I wash my hair every third day and sometimes as required. The day I wash my hair (third day washing), I always make sure I change my pillow cover.
Sometimes if my hair is not very clean and I am lazy to wash it at night, then I braid (French) my hair, and put a towel, shawl, stole over my pillow.

French braid

This is very important for acne prone skin.

Extra note: I use two pillow covers on one pillow. Inside one I wash twice a month.

Practice healthy habit and stay beautiful. Take care 🙂

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