Cure for motion sickness / air sickness / ear pain during landing

Hello friends!

Today I want to share a cure for motion sickness and to reduce ear pain on plane during landing.

I had been trying many different ways to reduce ear pain on plane, like chewing gum, swallowing saliva, blowing the nose while holding it, wearing ear plug but none of them really helped.

I am very sensitive to altitude. I can even feel pain when driving down on a hilly road along with motion sickness. I used to hate traveling, but now not any more.

Here is how I overcame my discomfort during my journey on road or on plane. I listen to music, song or any anything on my earphone – make sure you plug in the earphones firmly. Below is the picture of the type of earphone that helps me reduce ear pain on plane and motion sickness.


You can also try earplugs, but they never worked for me and the reasons are

i. They are too big for my ears
ii. The silicon material is too hard for my ears


Nowadays earphones comes in different sizes and are made of very very soft material. I am sure this will help you. 🙂

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