My favourite products

Today’s post is about some of the products which I love and my recent purchases.

I purchased the following products about a month ago, currently using them, and am loving it.

My favourite

I like wearing peach colored blush on my cheeks as it looks more natural.


Loreal blush

Blush peach

I don’t use the brush come with the pack. I use small kabuki brush for applying blush on my cheeks 🙂

Loreal peach blush

I am not a lipstick girl but I like wearing tinted lip balm and lip gloss. This Nivea lip balm is my current favourite.


For extra color to my lips I apply a light layer of lip liner on my lips and then lip balm.


pink lipliner

For my eyebrows I use MAC eyeshadow which is dark brown and has a matte finish. In my opinion eyebrow power looks more natural than eyebrow pencil.

This small angle brush is from Forever 21.

Mac brow powderMac brun powderMac brow powder brun

Loreal polish

One of my favourite nail polish brush. This brush has curve on its tip, which makes it very easy to apply polish on your nail.

Loreal nail polish

Press powder

Faces powder

I am in love with this body butter. This smell so good. I mostly apply this on my hand, elbow and feet after taking bath and before going to bed. For body I use separate moisturizer.

Body butter

Few days back I purchased tea tree face wash, tea tree body wash, tea tree toner and tea tree face mask. As my last post was about tea tree oil that I started using a few months back and I liked it so much, so I decided to try other tea tree products from body shop. Since it’s been only a few days, I can’t give my review on it now. I will try to give after a month.

Body shop tea tree products

Stay healthy and be beautiful. I will see you next time 🙂 Bye!





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Acne treatment with tea tree oil

Today’s post is about tea tree oil and acne.

Acne is ugly and painful.

Often I get acne around my nose and chin. Acne on chin is fine but around nose, it really sucks. I have been trying many things to get rid of acne when it occurs. I tried Garnier pimple control pen, and all other Garnier products for acne and many other acne control cream and gel (I don’t remember the brand name) and many other natural therapies but none of them worked. Garnier pimple control pen was better than others but it really makes that area super dry, and curing process is not that fast.

I always heard about tea tree oil and its goodness but never cared to try it until the day I saw a YouTube video where a lady was explaining how helpful that oil was. So, I decided, “Let’s try this one”.

Tea tree oil

This oil is bit expensive but is really worth it. I have been using it since one and half month, and girls, I tell this is the most amazing acne product I have ever used. It takes 2-4 days to heal completely but I absolutely love it. For me, it always used to take more than a week or sometimes even a month to get rid off acne from my face.

And, here is the step-by-step instruction for using tea tree oil to fight acne.

  1. Wash your face, and pad it dry.
  2. Take few drops of tea tree oil apply it on the affected area.
  3. Allow it to dry (takes about 5 to 10 seconds)
  4. Apply moisturizer (morning), sunscreen (day), or night cream (night) by gently dabbing (not by massaging) your face.

Repeat it three times a day, or every time you wash you face.

Extra point: I also using this oil on the area after I take out blackheads and it really helps to prevent breakout.

I hope this post will help you.

Stay healthy and be beautiful 🙂
I will see you next time.

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My haircare routine

Hi friends,

In this post I want to share my hair care routine and the products I use.

The following is the list of products:
1. I use four different kinds of “shampoo + conditioner”
a) For Dandruff
b) For deep cleansing
c) For dry hair (although I don’t have dry hair)
d) Mild shampoo.
2. Serum
3. Lotion to seal the split ends (not frequently)
4. Light hair oil

Whenever I oil my hair, first I wash it with deep cleansing shampoo. After washing it off, I wash it with other shampoo. Squeeze excess water from hair, and then apply conditioner (condition is must after every shampoo). I apply conditioner 10-15 cms away from root to tip. Applying conditioner on root makes the scalp itchy, be careful!

After hair is towel dried, I apply ‘repair rescue sealed ends’ at the ends of my hair. I bought this product two months back, when I was suffering from split ends problem. Though I don’t the problem now, I will continue to use it till it lasts, because it is an amazing product.

And then apply serum on my hair making sure I am not rubbing on the scalp 😉

Finally, when my hair is dried, I apply a light oil on it, just to give it an extra shine and nice fragrance.
Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.49.32 pm

Once or twice a month, I do hair spa at home. Currently I am using “Berina Hair Spa” and “Matrix mask”.
Spa cream

Not every shampoo suits every hair type, so you need to try and find out the correct shampoo brand that best suits your hair type. Not only hair products, but the climatic conditions and hardness of the water and nutrition also affect the quality of hair. So, it is not necessary that a product which works for me would work for you too. I hope in this post you learnt the types of shampoo you can use. Stay healthy and be beautiful. I will see you next time.

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How to get rid of split ends permanently

Hi friends,

If you are tired of your split ends, I have a great solution for you, which worked for me. Your problem will definitely be solved in a month’s time

Trimming off the ends is not the only solution for your hair because trimming only helps you to cut off the ends, but if your hair is not healthy, then it will appear again. So, you also have to take good care of your hair.

Split ends

So lets start!

If you suffer from very severe split end problem, first thing is to trim off the split ends as much as you can.

Apply oil on your hair every time you wash your hair, at least one hour before washing. Do it for one month and you will see really good results.

Don’t apply oil only when you are to do hair spa at home. Make sure to use serum on your clean hair too.

To prevent split end to appear: Make it a habit to take good care of your hair for keeping your hair healthy. Oiling once/twice a week and hair spa once a month.

Extra Point: In case you have used any hot tools on your hair, make sure to oil your hair before washing it.

In my next blog I will share what and how I do to keep my hair healthy and the products I use. 🙂

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How clean pillow cover helps to prevent acne to some extent

Hello friends,

Today I want to share a very important thing that most of us never care.
Ok, its about our pillow cover. How often you change your pillow cover?


Do you ever realized that oil, dust, dirt etc on our hair get stuck on the pillow cover when we sleep on it and all those dirt come in contact with our face.
No matter how clean you wash your face at night but if your pillow cover is not clean then there is high chance to get infection.

So here I am sharing what I do.

Mostly I wash my hair every third day and sometimes as required. The day I wash my hair (third day washing), I always make sure I change my pillow cover.
Sometimes if my hair is not very clean and I am lazy to wash it at night, then I braid (French) my hair, and put a towel, shawl, stole over my pillow.

French braid

This is very important for acne prone skin.

Extra note: I use two pillow covers on one pillow. Inside one I wash twice a month.

Practice healthy habit and stay beautiful. Take care 🙂

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Cure for motion sickness / air sickness / ear pain during landing

Hello friends!

Today I want to share a cure for motion sickness and to reduce ear pain on plane during landing.

I had been trying many different ways to reduce ear pain on plane, like chewing gum, swallowing saliva, blowing the nose while holding it, wearing ear plug but none of them really helped.

I am very sensitive to altitude. I can even feel pain when driving down on a hilly road along with motion sickness. I used to hate traveling, but now not any more.

Here is how I overcame my discomfort during my journey on road or on plane. I listen to music, song or any anything on my earphone – make sure you plug in the earphones firmly. Below is the picture of the type of earphone that helps me reduce ear pain on plane and motion sickness.


You can also try earplugs, but they never worked for me and the reasons are

i. They are too big for my ears
ii. The silicon material is too hard for my ears


Nowadays earphones comes in different sizes and are made of very very soft material. I am sure this will help you. 🙂

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How to make darker shade foundation to lighter shade


We often buy face foundation which is darker than our skin tone. This is a very common mistake we make especially those who are new to makeup. And most of the time we cannot return or exchange the product. So what we do, either give it to someone or keep it with us till the product gets expired.

I am one of them, I bought three foundations (expensive ones) on different occasions, which were darker than my skin tone. I regretted how can I make such mistake again and again and that too with trying tester in the shop 🙁 Lightening is different in shop than in natural light.

Anyway, today I have a solution to make darker shade lighter. How? It’s very simple.

Mix your foundation with your sunscreen cream/moisturizer or even simple moisturizer will work.

You need to try the quantity of foundation and moisturizer to meet your desired shade. Here I’ll show your mine. 🙂

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How I straighten my hair

Tools needed for hair straightening

  1. Flat Iron
  2. Heat protecting spray
  3. Comb
  4. Some hair clips


I have long wavy hair.

I always use heat-protecting spray on my hair and spread it evenly using paddle brush/comb.

Detangle hair completely.

Section hair into four parts:
First front and back i.e, ear to ear, above the hair whorl.
Next, divide back part into two parts vertically.
Then, for the front side, I divide from my parting.
I start straightening from the back side.
I start with the temperature 160 – 180°C for my hair near hairline and maintain temperature of 200 – 210°C for rest of my hair. This does take time but helps to have less damage hair. I have been straightening my hair for years now and still have damage free hair.
I have Remington pearl S9500, which is the most wonderful flat iron I ever had.
Most important thing, I always do deep oiling of my hair and keep it for 1–2 hours before I wash my hair after straightening and this work wonders.

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How to choose the best hair straightener for your hair!

We often get confused which straightener we should buy for ourselves or most of the time we just buy random iron by thinking all straightening are the same and does the same thing.


Today different flat irons of different brands and different price range are available in the market. In this post I am going to help you choose the best flat iron for your hair type.

Hair Type

Since we all have different hair type and texture, the first thing is to know your hair texture.

Coarser the hair, the more temperature you need to straighten it. Choose a flat iron which has the temperature ranges between 200°C – 230°C.

For finer hair texture you need temperature between 150°C – 180°C. There are higher chances of burning your hair if you exceed the temperature than the temperature  that your hair need to get straightened.

It is preferable to use straightener that has temperature setting in it, as we know our hairline hairs are finer than other part of the head. So  use low temperature near  hairline hair than rest of the hair.

You might have heard that using heated flat iron on your hair would damage your hair, however, with proper usage and care, you can avoid any significant damage.

To know how I straighten my hair, please wait till my next blog post. 🙂


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Simple and easy way of doing manicure at home


Here I am sharing my basic manicure at home.
Below are the simple steps to get soft and smooth hand.

  1. Wash you hand with handwash. Dry it.
  2. Take lukewarm water in a bowl and put few drops of lemon. Soak your fingers into the bowl for 5 minutes.
  3. Then brush your nails, concentrating areas around your nails and cuticle.
  4. Take require amount of hand scrub (you can also use coarser face or body scrub) on your palm and start exfoliating for 2-3 minutes. Wash and dry.
  5. Now take hand cream (you can also use body butter or any other moisturizer which has thicker consistency) and rub on your hand and nails.
  6. Cover your hand with gloves or wrap a plastic over it for 15-20 minutes.

Now you will have soft and smooth hands.
Do it once in a week.

Good Luck. 🙂

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